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UK Shopping Advice

When purchasing online you must ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable company and from a secure website.

First of all, make sure your web-browser (the software you use to navigate around the Internet) is secure.  Most computers come with a browser installed, the most common types of browser are Internet Explorer and Netscape. You can alter the security settings on the browser from high to low.  Check the help section from the browser toolbar for more details.

Anyone can setup a website, so you must make sure that the company your buying from is legitimate. There are a number of ways this can be achieved:

  • If your suspicious of a website, email them to ask them for more details about the company and if possible, for a catalogue
  • All UK online stores must have contact details clearly listed on their website.  If you cannot find any, it is best to avoid the website

To ensure the website is secure, make sure it has:

The security padlock – This will usually appear at the bottom right of your computer screen (as shown in the below image). This ensures that the data your sending to the web server is secure.

Https – Most online websites will have a url (web address) such as: http://www.shoppingnavigator.co.uk . But once you have to add your payment details on a website, the web address must look like: https://www.shoppingnavigator.co.uk (notice the “s” after “http” in the below image).  This ensures the details being sent to the web server are secure.

Also remember to write down any details relating to your purchase and details of the website/company you are buying from. 

Please take time to visit some of the useful links below that contain much more information to help you.

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