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UK Music Shops

Download music online:

iTunes UK - The iTunes Music Store offers the largest and most diverse legal music download catalogue and now features more than 3 million songs, 2,000 music videos, 35,000 podcasts and 12,000 audiobooks.

Napster.co.uk - Its the world's most recognised brand in online music. Music lovers who subscribe to Napster get access to unlimited streaming and downloading to over 1 Million full-length tracks. Subscribers can also burn all their favourite tracks to CD and transfer music to portable digital music players. Choose from thousands of artists from the world's largest online music catalogue.


101CD.com - An established entertainment retailer selling CDs, DVDs, videos, merchandise and computer games, with a catalogue of over 2m titles from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

Amazon.co.uk - Music - Has a huge range of music in a variety of formats includings CDs, DVDs, Minidiscs and Vinyl.

Asda-Entertainment.co.uk - Offers a huge amount of DVDs and CDs at low prices with free UK delivery.

CD-wow.com - Sells Chart New and Pre release CDs, DVDs and games at great prices.

HMV.co.uk - Is the UK and Ireland's leading specialist retailer of music, DVD/video, computer games and related products.

Tesco.com - Jersey - Run by Tesco in Jersey, thus allows them to offer even cheaper CDs and DVDs as customers do not need to pay VAT.

Woolworths.co.uk - Brings the convenience of everybody’s favorite high street store to your fingertips. With a huge selection of entertainment products including over 150,000 CDs, 14,000 Videos, 4,000 DVDs, 3,000 games and a great selection of Outdoor Toys you will be sure to find that ‘perfect something’ for all the family.


Gear 4 Music - Gear4music is one of the best value source of musical instruments and equipment in Europe. Selling over 4000 great quality new music products at extremely competitive prices, such as electric guitar packs from £60, drum kits from £160, PA systems from £199 and many other music technology items from £50 to £5000!


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