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* How to save on Christmas shopping online

How to save on Christmas shopping online

As in the past years, this year too many people will be looking for how to save on Christmas shopping online. Because of the convenience involved, plus the fact that parents don’t have to lug their toddlers around with them when they shop, and the effortlessness of making use of comparison sites such as Froogle to hunt for bargains, the phenomenon of shopping online is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of going to stores, many people are choosing to shop online for whatever they want, including holiday shopping.

As might be expected, there are many advantages of shopping on the internet. For example, the store closest to you may not have exactly the same item that you want, or perhaps they don’t have the colour you are looking for, or maybe you just want the convenience of having the item delivered to your doorstep without having to make the effort of actually going somewhere to get it. But one of the best advantages of shopping online is that items are often cheaper when bought through the internet compared to buying them in stores. The reason being that many manufacturers sell their products directly to you online, thus they have the ability of passing on to you a portion of their profit. But there are several other ways on how to save on Christmas shopping online in order to buy things at a cheaper rate than are available otherwise.

You can use the following tips to guide you on how to save on Christmas shopping online.

First, do some homework. Look up various online retailer websites, sites where you can make comparisons of the prices of products, and sites where you can save money on making purchases. You can save money simply by finding out exactly what products are available, and at what price, so that you can take advantage of bargain prices. To make the experience even more convenient, bookmark all the savings sites that you find the most useful. So that when you are ready to buy the gifts you are looking for, all you need to do is access the sites from the “favourites list” on your computer, and shop to your heart’s content. This helps enormously to save time hunting for websites over and over again.

Make your holiday shopping purchases from ongoing deals. Many stores or manufacturers often launch special offers on some particular products. For instance, they could offer a large discount on a particular brand of PC or microwave oven if it is bought within a specific period. These discount offers are usually launched in order to increase the popularity of a store or a product, or just for stock clearance of some slow moving goods. The problem is that these kinds of offers are usually available only in particular stores and that too for a limited period of time. But, the Internet offers a way of overcoming this problem. There are many websites that are dedicated to looking for these ongoing deals, and listing them on their pages. In addition, apart from providing information about the best ongoing deals, many of these sites also help you to follow steps to avail of those bargain deals. It’s a good idea to check out these websites on a regular basis to keep track of all the ongoing deals. You could be surprised by some of the rates at which products can be bought.

Another variation of the above is promotional codes offered by retailers to the customers they value the most for special deals. You can find these promotional codes by subscribing to the newsletters that your favourite retailers send out by email in order to inform their subscribers about the promotional codes and the ongoing sales, which are usually not available to the public in general. You could also look for a promotional code, or a combination of the two in the direct mail, catalogues and cards that provide information about the sales on offer, which the stores you often make purchases from send.

Make use of coupons that are available online. There are often many coupons that are hidden which are available on websites. You can use these coupons to save money on your Christmas shopping online in various ways, like getting a percentage off (e.g. 10 percent off) on some product, or perhaps the product being delivered to you free, or maybe a complimentary product given to you free. The trouble is, as already mentioned, these coupons are usually hidden, which requires you to hunt for them. However, Shopping Navigator has a compilation of these coupons regularly, which we list in our UK Shopping Vouchers & Coupons Forum. So, if you want to buy a certain item, you could check out the forum to see if its coupons are available here.

Benefit from credit card points or cash back schemes on the purchases you make. This is another way of saving money on Christmas shopping online. Several credit cards provide cash back schemes on all the purchases you make. Some of them offer it in the form of collecting credit card points. Usually, it is about 1 percent of the amount spent. Hence, whenever you shop online, be sure to use the credit card that offers you the most money back.

Allow the online savings deals to find their way to you. Many websites provide features which make Christmas shopping easier. For instance, you can select (tick) the items that you want to purchase, and the Gift List will send you a notification when there are special offers on those products.

Shopping early is another way to find good deals. While traditionally most shoppers wait for the end of the holiday season to get the best deals, some stores or manufacturers may offer some bargain sales either during or before the holiday season. When the economy is on a slower trend, many of the retailers choose to offer some of their best discounts early to boost holiday season sales. These are usually announced on their websites. Hence, it is a good idea to browse early through the websites of your favourite stores to avail of these deals.

Combining all the techniques mentioned above will help you to save substantially on your holiday shopping online. So here’s wishing you happy holiday shopping online, along with making plenty of savings!



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